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FEATURES - App Filtering for Android 5+ - One-click connection (batch mode) - Supports RSA SecurID and TOTP software tokens - Keepalive feature to prevent unnecessary disconnections - Compatible with ARM, x86, x64 , ARM64 - No root required - Based on the popular OpenConnect Linux package REQUIREMENTS - An account on a Download OpenConnect apk 1.11 for Android. OpenConnect es un cliente SSL VPN de Cisco AnyConnect y ocserv pasarelas. This project includes GUI clients and other openconnect VPN related resources - Openconnect VPN project OpenConnect. OpenConnect is an SSL VPN client initially created to support Cisco's AnyConnect SSL VPN.It has since been ported to support the Juniper SSL VPN (which is now known as Pulse Connect Secure), and the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect SSL VPN. OpenConnect v7.08; GnuTLS v3.5.8; Qt 5.8.0; There are open few cosmetic graphical issues and some 'OpenConnect' v7.08 features are not yet implemented (but they are planned). When you will find connection problem, please try at first upstream OpenConnect console application (e.g.

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GitLab mirror - Graphical OpenConnect client (beta phase). openconnect. Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN.  Show openconnect for other distributions.

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Simplistic client that provides you with a streamlined and user-friendly environment for making the most out of of the open-source App name: openconnect. App description: Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN.  Then wait for the command to finish.

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A generic way that works on most 'standard' Linux distributions out of the box. OpenConnect for Android. This is a VPN client for Android, based on the Linux build of OpenConnect. Much of the Java code was derived from OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe. OpenConnect for Android is released under the GPLv2 license. For more information see the COPYING and doc/LICENSE.txt files. Changelog: see doc/CHANGES.txt Welcome to OpenConnect graphical client pages.

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Android. Category: Communication. OpenConnect is an SSL VPN client for Cisco AnyConnect and ocserv gateways. FEATURES.

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Hi all, I've extended OpenConnect for Android to support the Juniper and PAN GlobalProtect Openconnect VPN server (ocserv) is a VPN server compatible with the openconnect VPN client. It follows the AnyConnect VPN protocol which is used by several CISCO routers. OpenConnect was created to be an open-source replacement for Cisco’s AnyConnect  OpenConnect-gui is the graphical client of OpenConnect for the Microsoft Windows OpenConnect VPN server, aka ocserv, is an open-source implementation of Cisco AnyConnnect VPN protocol, which is popular among businesses and universities. As I requested, entware-ng team added ocserver (Openconnect VPN server) to the repository. This may help a lot of people where many other VPN techniques You find OpenConnect – the perfect solution, only to realize that the 3rd-party GUI is basically broken and actually doesn’t work (last checked on 8-14-17) with OpenConnect is an open-source software application for connecting to virtual private networks (VPN), which implement secure point-to-point connections. It was originally written as an open-source replacement for Cisco's proprietary AnyConnect SSL VPN connect openconnect using command line. I use openconnect gui 1.5.3, on windows 10.

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